Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I use a service called FeedBurner that helps me keep track of how often people actually visit RRR, and manage the email subscription service. The graphic here shows the top six most visited pages for the last 30 days. (click on it for a larger view)

My post about Traveler's Insurance buying back their umbrella logo continues to be the most popular single topic, even though I posted that muse back in June. Gadzooks! (#1 and #3 on the list are just the home page links of RRR, and don't refer to any particular post.)

Based on my FeedBurner reports, I've suspected for months that a link to my post is being passed around the halls over at Traveler's, which is the only explanation I can think of to account for the continued popularity of that post month after month. I seriously doubt it is any RRR regulars, as most, if not all of you read that post way back in June. Is someone at Traveler's out to get me? Could they actually be passing links to my umbrella post around the office? I don't even own an umbrella, for cryin' out loud!

Go back and read my original post. I took a swipe at Traveler's for spending millions to get their logo back; a little poke in the ribs, nothing more. Yesterday, someone named "Jess" left this comment on that post:

i work for travelers in the flood claims dept...you may want to reword your article, only due that we follow regulations of the federal government...meaning that we have to follow certain rules in the entire insuring process

AHA! People who work at Traveler's actually DO read my blog. (Evidently they don't use capital letters, lack basic grammatical skill and generally speak in non sequiturs and sentence fragments - whatever...)

What the heck does flood claims have to do with marine salvage? Why are people in the flood claims department reading Red Right Returning? Is Jess a boat owner? What part of my post needs rewording? Did 179 people at Traveler's actually have time to read that post in the last 30 days? What federal regulations? What's going on here? WTF!?!

Can you say conspiracy? I think someone should call Oliver Stone!