Friday, September 26, 2008

TWIC Deadlines Approaching

Click Here for a link to the official TSA TWIC deadline web page.

Some of these dates are subject to change, but most are now set in stone. Once these deadlines are published in the Federal Register, they are law. Due to the 90 day publishing deadline, all the dates for 2008 are now fixed, and will not be changed or updated. So, find your general AOR (area of operation) in the list below and be sure you are TWICilicious. If your AOR isn't explicitly listed, figure the closest major port to your location.

It's a bit unclear if these are the deadlines to actually have a TWIC, or if these deadlines only apply to secure access. The difference between those two things has been the source of so much confusion, and the USCG has done very little to set anyone on the course to enlightenment.

These dates supersede any renewal dates on your credential. This means that you must get a TWIC before your credential expires if the TWIC deadline comes before your ticket is up for renewal.

My guess is that if you have applied for TWIC by the deadline, you will be granted some leeway, but don't risk it. The old way of doing things is over. Everything is now centralized at the National Maritime Center (NMC), and you should forget about appealing to your local Regional Exam Center (REC), 'cause its history! There may be some battles for us to fight in the future, but the TWIC isn't one of them.

Will there be a bunch of guys who don't comply with the deadlines? You bet. Probably huge numbers. But do you really want to part of the "test case population"?


fixed in stone:

October 15, 2008: Northern New England – Boston - Southeastern New England

October 31, 2008: Buffalo – Duluth – Detroit - Lake Michigan - Sault Ste. Marie

November 28, 2008: Corpus Christi - Port Arthur - North Carolina - Cape Fear River

December 1, 2008: Long Island Sound - Charleston - Savannah - Jacksonville

December 30, 2008: Baltimore - Delaware Bay - Mobile - Pittsburgh - Ohio Valley - Lower Mississippi River - San Diego


tentative deadlines:

January 13, 2009: Hampton Roads - Morgan City - New Orleans - Upper Mississippi River - Miami - Key West - St. Petersburg

February 09: Honolulu - South East Alaska/ Prince William Sound/Western Alaska - Puget Sound Portland(OR )- San Francisco Bay

March/April 09: New York - Guam - Houston/Galveston - Los Angeles/Long Beach - San