Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TS Hanna: yawn....

I've been busy plotting and accomplishing my short migration from Block Island back to the continental USA and my temporary home in Point Judith, RI for the fall.

The post Labor Day, end of season parties out at Block Island were all cut short as islanders hunkered down for a hammering from Hurricane Hanna (ok, tropical storm Hanna - but that doesn't sound as good). I sweated out exactly where to hide, and waited until late Friday to choose a mooring to ride out the storm.

For days, Hanna threatened, and the computer models had her pretty much coming right over the Great Salt Pond. At the last minute, she passed well north, and the mooring I chose was in a nice lee for most of the night as 30-40kt winds passed over the area. I didn't sleep well, but I wasn't up all night either; and I didn't have to get underway once during the wee hours.

At first light on Sunday morning, I circled the pond, checking for any beached boats. The only casualty I found was this poor little Shamrock, who succumbed to rain water and a loose bilge pump connection, still tied to her mooring, hoping for someone to come along with some pity and a pump. Someone did, and she is drying out on the hard.