Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Travelers buys its umbrella logo back.

I found this back in April, but I forgot to post it:

Travelers snatches its umbrella logo back from Citi. - By Seth Stevenson - Slate Magazine

How much did this cost? Travelers wouldn't tell me, but newspaper reports peg the transaction in the millions. "It was a substantial investment," says Shane Boyd, vice president of communications and branding for Travelers, "but we think well worth it.

Or, another article here says:
"All I can tell you is that it was not an insignificant amount," says Marlene Ibsen, spokesperson for Travelers. "Our research shows that the umbrella is well-recognized as a symbol of insurance protection and as a symbol of Travelers as well."

Now, if you get a salvage on a boat with golf clubs inside, maybe they can find some money here:

.....St. Paul Travelers Companies Inc., along with the PGA Tour and the Greater Hartford Jaycees Community Foundation Inc., last April 2006 into a four-year agreement to be the title sponsor of the PGA Tour tournament. The initial investment to Travelers was $10 million. The tournament purse will be raised to $6 million this year, $1 million more than in 2006, and will increase by an additional $100,000 in each of the remaining years of the four-year agreement. The event will be played June 18-24 and televised live by CBS Sports and the Golf Channel.
Thought I should post this, just in case you've had a Travelers claim recently, and they complained about belt tightening and hurricanes and lions and Tiger Woods and bears, oh my!

If they want to negotiate you down on a big claim, just tell 'em to open the umbrella, 'cause when it rains, it pours....