Thursday, June 19, 2008

Man Drills Hole, Goes Fishing...

Got this story via email from the west coast....still laughing my a## off!

Gentleman tried to cut a 2 inch hole (for a transducer) in the bottom of his 24' fiberglass center console fishing boat. The 3/8" pilot drill bit went all the way through, and he partially cut the 2" hole, but the 2" hole saw blade got dull and he couldn't cut all the way through. The owner plugged the 3/8" pilot hole with silicon sealer and took his friends fishing.

They got out to the 14 mile bank where a fleet of boats was chumming for Mako sharks, and stopped to drift for sharks. Pounding for 14 miles caused the 2" hole to break through. The boat promptly filled and capsized.

Fortunately the boat had a life raft. The owner and his friends got into the life raft, shot off some flares and were quickly rescued.

Capt Tyler Lee, Vessel Assist Dana Point, responded, located the capsized hull, wisely towed the boat away from the shark grounds before bagging the hull and towing it back into the harbor.