Monday, June 30, 2008

Waiting to Exhale

Things have been very slow out here at Block Island so far. The land based businesses on the island are reporting normal amounts of tourists in the shops and resturants, but the majority of them come by ferry. In the distance of this picture is the entrance to the Great Salt Pond....but where are the inbound boats?

This is typically the week that things start to ramp up out here, so I'm not overly concened yet. Back on the mainland, the boys have been having average case loads. But, the island anchorage has very few powerboats out here, and I've only had one tow since arriving last Monday, which sure feels light when your season is only 10 weeks long.

At this time next week, we will know if the boaters are willing to buy some fuel and come out here, or not.

We're sort of holding our breath....