Thursday, March 20, 2008

Web site: PlanetData

I found this PlanetData last week while surfing around.

PlanetData "The Security News Network" is a security news and information website organized by important security industry markets including Global Security, Aviation Security, Corporate Security, Cyber Security, Homeland Security, Maritime Security, Law Enforcement and Intelligence.
Our goal is to be the trusted source for the timely, relevant and vital information our members need in order to stay abreast of the security threats and concerns that can affect their lives, businesses and communities at large.

They have an entire section dedicated to Maritime Security, and while the content would generally be focused on shipping, there is some news that is of interest to us, like this interesting read:

PlanetData / Maritime Security / Articles / The Small Boat Threat: No Easy Answers

There are two reasons that you should be watching the small boat threat topic: 1) regulations being contemplated for small boats will probably effect your business. 2) I think there will be profitable opportunities for those in our industry willing to branch out into security work.