Monday, March 24, 2008

Reduced TWIC fees for Recent License Renewals

Did you know that if your current USCG license was issued after Jan 13, 2006, you're eligable for a reduced "security threat assessment"?
From the TSA TWIC page FAQs:

A reduced fee of $105.25 will be made available for applicants who will not require the security threat assessment. The reduced fee is available for the following:
>applicants who hold a Merchant Marine License (MML) issued after January 13, 2006.

For those applicants seeking to pay the reduced fee, they must present their HME, FAST card, MMD, or MML (meeting the requirements outlined above) at the time of enrollment.

Now, aren't you glad you subscribed to Red Right Returning? This might save you $27.25!