Monday, May 26, 2008

Hurricane Perparedness Week

Hurricane Perparnedness Week is May 25th - 30th, and NOAA has just issued their above average prediction for tropical storms in 2008. Of course, they did that last year, and it wasn't so bad. Click on the chart to right to see last year's storm tracks. Click on the link below to read the prediction.

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA Predicts Near Normal or Above Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Climate Prediction Center outlook calls for considerable activity with a 65 percent probability of an above normal season and a 25 percent probability of a near normal season. This means there is a 90 percent chance of a near or above normal season.
When I was on the West Coast, all these hurricane predictions might just as well have been discussing distant storms on the planet Jupiter, except in the way it might effect our insurance rates. But now I'm on the East Coast, and out here we take notice. I especially worry about a big storm in July or August, when I'm out at Block Island on board the Water Torture. Block Island is no place to hide if the winds get over about a category 2, and there is no haulout facility for a vessel of Water Torture's size. If I hope to head to the mainland, I'm faced with two dilemmas. One, most yards reserve their hurricane services for their customers. Two, I would have to spend at least a full day getting over there and hauled out, on the very days that Safe/Sea's crews should be busy preparing the boats and equipment for a hurricane. So, I hope that the named storms wait until the middle of September, when I'm back on the mainland.

For the East Coast towers, this is the week to sit down and prioritize your to do list and make an action plan. The poor guys down in FLA probably have used their plan so much the pages are dog eared....