Thursday, May 1, 2008

DHS Small Vessel Security Strategy - Good News/Bad News?

Well, we have suspected this was coming along now for some time. We worried, we speculated, we conjectured...we wondered. Finally, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a one hundred percent positively, absolutely sure, here is what the DHS might kinda sorta think about doing but we're not really sure but here is our best guess - strategy about small vessels.

You can start by reading this press release which says in part,

As the U.S.S. Cole attack vividly demonstrated, there is a clear need to close security gaps and enhance the small vessel security environment. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Vessel Security Strategy (SVSS) addresses these concerns, providing a coherent framework to improve maritime security and safety. It envisions a coordinated effort of federal, state, local and tribal authorities, together with international partners, private industry, and the recreational users of the waterways.
If you are having trouble sleeping, try reading the entire SVSS in PDF format. Be warned, it is filled with forward thinking solution based frameworks that provide stakeholder strategic options for multi-platform leveraged partnerships focused on risk adverse implementation plans to enhance maritime domain know, stuff like that.

In other words, 58 pages of BS that basically say, "We don't want any trouble, so everyone should be keeping an eye out for trouble."

The Good News? There will be money to be made "keeping an eye out", especially by companies with small, fast boats and local knowledge.

The Bad News? They want to register every recreational boat, and every recreational boater, and that will drive more people out of the recreational boating market.