Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ethanol Lawsuit in California

LOS ANGELES - The law firm of Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP reported it filed a class action lawsuit on April 7 against the major oil companies that sell ethanol-blended fuel, charging that the fuel causes serious damage to marine engines and fuel tanks.
Read the entire article here: The News

Gosh, how great is it to have these nice lawyers fighting for us boaters? According to the article, "Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP reported it has previously won more than $750 million in cases involving Google, Farmers Insurance, Eli Lilly and other major corporations." You know what? I use Google all the time, but I haven't received a dime from that case.

I was a party to a class action suit involving a credit card company: I got a check last month for $3.48. My guess is the lawyers got more than that. You know what happens in the class action suits? The corporations that get sued raise their price points to make up the lost dollars; i.e. they just pass the costs onto the consumer. The end result of this class action suit will be higher marine fuel prices for all Californians, and about 10 lawyers will get nice new yachts...