Friday, April 11, 2008

Cape May: Where Boaters BeGone

Ok, sorry for the very bad play on words on SeaTow's new slogan, Where Boaters Belong. When some boaters in Cape May, NJ just abandoned their boats, Phil Risko of SeaTow Cape May decided to step up to the plate, or in this case, dive down into the mud.

Salvage company cleans up abandoned boats in Cape May Harbor

At first you might think "he's nuts! All that work for free?". But step back and really examine this for a minute. Say his actual hard costs to pull a couple of boats up and to the dock is about $1000 for a diver and fuel (maybe less if he does his own diving). You couldn't buy this kind of good will and publicity for $1000. Also, its good practice and training.

I'm with Phil on this one; sometimes you just gotta do something 'cause its the right thing to do.