Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dispatch from C-PORT Conference

Most of my readers are probably here in Amelia Island, but for those that aren't, here are a few of today's highlights from the C-PORT annual conference.

The morning was certainly brightened by our keynote speaker, Capt Dean Lee Chief of Staff for USCG 7th District. Capt. Lee continues his threat to retire, but the skeptics abound. Lee brought some fabulous video of his recent excursion in a Surf Boat out in Oregon. Then he gave a great pep talk and brief history of his association over the years with towing and salvage.

The other moring panel included a visit by Richard Moore, Vice Pres of NASBLA (see my early blog here). He gave a very encouraging speech and extended an invitation to C-PORT to become more involved, especially on the issue of gov't agency competition. This was extremely well received by the boys from California. Perhaps there is some hope on this struggle?

After lunch, Larry Keefe presented great news about the S&S insurance program. Rates will hold steady, plus bonus discounts for renewals and the incidental diver rider is now free.

Fiona from C-PORT managed to bring a record 21 vendors to the conference, and all attendees spent a few hours last night browsing equipment and talking to the vendors. I even took advantage of a great deal on "Rescue Tape".

Off the the banquet!