Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Support C-PORT

With the annual C-PORT meeting coming up at the end of this week, I thought it was appropriate to put in a plea for continued support.

C-PORT is our industry's watch dog and our voice in Washington. The best way to keep up with that big computer in Washington is to be involved with C-PORT. C-PORT is a small organization and has certainly had some problems over the years, but it also has had some successes as well (keeping us out of the radar endorsement requirement comes to mind).

More importantly, this is the only organization that specifically represents the interests of marine assistance companies.

Supporting C-PORT does three important things: first, it increases the chance that our industry is thought of as separate (in the eyes of government regulators) from other sectors, rather than being lumped in with tugs or uninspected passenger vessels. Secondly, the annual conventions are a neutral gathering place where competitors can meet and exchange ideas, air some grievances, and develop the professional standards that improve the industry as a whole. Finally, the existence of a strong well attended trade association is one of the hallmarks of professionals in business.

I hope to see everyone in Florida this weekend, and for those who can't make it, there are plenty of ways to support C-PORT from a distance. Phone calls, letter writting and research can all be done from your desk. If you know a local tower who isn't a member, please call them and urge them to join. This is a case when more is better.