Friday, May 18, 2007

Longest and Shortest commute to work

When I owned Vessel Assist Del Rey, I kept my live-aboard trawler (Water Torture) right across the dock from my primary towboat Reliant. I used to joke that I had the shortest commute to work of anyone living in Los Angeles - eight feet from home to work.

Now, I live in South Carolina, and work in Rhode Island, which makes for a much longer commute - about 800 miles. Fortunately, I only have to make one round trip each year. For the past four years, I made the trip on the ICW aboard the Water Torture, so not only was it a long distance, but it must qualify as one of the slowest commutes on record - about a month to get to work, about a month to get home. This year, I drove up so it only took a few days.

With all this commuting, I haven't had time to finish my next post...I'll have it up in a few more days.