Monday, February 9, 2009

Discounts on A/V equip and cases

Mitch Kramer from TowBoatUS North Shore asked me to spread the word about some great discounts he has for you. If you're shopping for a small, waterproof camera, or waterproof cases, check out these products below. Mitch can get you these items at very low prices, but you have to order through him. Contact him directly at for further information.

I especially like the EPIC stealth cam. He can get you a complete kit w/accessories for under $130.

DiCAPac -waterproof cell phone/camera cases

DryPak- waterproof cases

Epic- video/audio still pic cameras

GoPro- video/audio still pic cameras

LokSak- waterproof bags

OtterBox- waterproof boxes

PCShade- Laptop screens

StormCase- waterproof boxes/cases

Watershed-waterproof duffel bags,backpacks, deck bags

Witz- waterproof cases

thanks Mitch...