Thursday, December 6, 2007

Be TWICs and between.

Well, the TWICs are coming, and theres nothing you can do to stop 'em. TWIC stands for Transportion Worker Idenification Credential. Everyone with a USCG License will have to get one. The actual deadline is a little unclear to me, but my ticket is up for renewal this spring, so I have started the process of getting TWICed. (rhymes with kicked)

Here is a link to the TWIC home page on the internet:

The first order of business is to Pre-Enroll on the internet. This is not manditory, but highly recommended. I went through the pre-enrollment process, and it is very easy. Basically, you complete a few forms on-line that collect your basic data like date of birth, SSN, address, etc.

Then, when you are ready, you make an appointment at your local TWIC center, (which one figures in military speak would be TWICCEN). Making the appointment on-line was also very easy, but only after you have created an 'account' and done the pre-enrollment. I couldn't find my local TWICCEN on the public web pages, but once I logged in to 'my account', the link to the closest centers was very easy, and making the appointment was as simple as one click of the mouse.

So, next week I go to the center and actually go through the application process. I'll keep you posted on developments. In the mean time, take 20 minutes and browse the web link I posted above. The FAQs are very infomative.