Friday, September 14, 2007

BOAT/US Captain Directory Service

In case you missed the press release, BOAT/US is implementing a captain's referral service. The main focus appears to be on delivery captains. One thing sparked my interest though:

We will be offering a new Delivery Captains Directory Service to make it easier to find reliable people with the knowledge and skill to relocate your boat to a new port, brush up on your boat operating skills or move your boat in advance of a hurricane. This service will be open to everyone, Members and non-Members.

I believe that BUS Insurance offers up to $1000 to help offset the costs of hauling an insured boat before a hurricane arrives. (this is not part of the towing membership coverage, but only offered to insurance customers)

It occurs to me that BUS already has a huge stable of licensed captains: all the TowBOAT/US captains across the country. I don't know how many there are, but I would guess perhaps five or six hundred? So, the question is: will the BOAT/US bureaucracy put the names and numbers of all the local TowBOAT/US towers into the Captains Directory data base?

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