Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Proposed CT law to fine boaters interfering in emergencies

I found this interesting article in The Advocate, from Connecticut.

The bill, which Gov. M. Jodi Rell is expected to sign, would impose a maximum $200 fine on boaters who fail to yield or slow down near emergency
vessels with flashing lights and blaring sirens, or pass within 200 feet of a
stationary law enforcement vessel using its lights and sirens fast enough to
create a wake. [read the rest here]

This is a state bill, and technically, I would guess that it doesn't apply to privately owned commercial assistance vessels. However, the idea that boaters have to slow down near a boat with flashing lights will certainly be beneficial to us (or at least the towers in CT waters of Long Island Sound).

I think this is a legislative realization that today's modern boater just doesn't want to slow down. Obviously, wake responsiblity laws have been around for years, but those laws are pretty much impossible to enforce. If this law passes, I hope other states take notice and impose similar penalties.