Saturday, February 3, 2007

The MARB policy in writing

The MARB policy is in fact a small part of the Search & Rescue policy, which is contained in a document called "U. S. COAST GUARD ADDENDUM TO THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL SEARCH AND RESCUE SUPPLEMENT (NSS)". Below is a link to a PDF of the entire document.

Chapter 4, section 1 contains the Maritime Search and Rescue Policy (MSAP). It is the MSAP that defines what a MARB is, and all the official guidelines for a MARB on contained in chapter 4.1. If you are in the marine assistance business, you should be very familiar with the MSAP. I've read it so many times I can recite parts of it. Being able to quote the MSAP can be very useful when communicating your intentions and needs to the Coast Guard in the middle of a SAR case.

While you are checking that out, be sure and have a look at sections 4.2 (Forced Evacuations) and 4.3 (General Salvage Policy). For more on forced evacuations, read "Dead Men Tapping" by Kate Yeomans.